Sunday Services (September 2013)

Services for September 2013 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

theme: Connection

September 1st: “Flowing as One to Seek”

The Water Communion is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual that recognizes our common connections as well as the intentions and promises we bring to our religious community.  With the Summer coming to a close, let’s celebrate together what we mean when we declare that all that this Fellowship is — and all that this congregation has — are what we bring to it!

For the Water Communion, please bring an ounce or two of water from home to the service.

Special music will be provided by the ChorUUs!

September 8th: “But I Don’t Want to Go to Nineveh!

Jonah is perhaps best known as the runaway Hebrew prophet who was swallowed by a “great fish”, but there’s more to his story than that!  One of the Jewish traditions around Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is that the whole Book of Jonah is read.  It’s a short book, so let’s hear what it says for ourselves and think about what it might mean for Unitarian Universalists!

The first (9:30am) service will follow our traditional format with a sermon; the second (11am) service will include a multigenerational drama along with most other service elements.

Special music for Yom Kippur will be provided by Barbara Morgan and Cheré Harper!  Please arrive for seating in the Sanctuary fifteen minutes before each service starts.  There will be no admittance during the special pre-service music itself.

September 15th: “From Generation to Generation”

A number of Sunday morning services, Religious Education classes and other programs this year will highlight the ways in which we form a multigenerational community.  Let’s begin by thinking about how our congregation helps to connect different generations together, particularly in terms of what we can learn from one another and how we can help one another.

Special music will be provided by Bob Sima!

September 22nd: “Spiritual Ecology, Environmental Ethics and Unitarian Universalism”

Earth is alive, sacred, and everything on it, in it, and around it, including us, is interconnected and interdependent!  What if everyone on Earth believed this?  How would that affect personal, societal and governmental Environmental Ethics and actions?  How do we Unitarian Universalists feel, think, believe and act about Earth and our relationship to Earth?  Does it matter?  What about the Fellowship?

Robin van Tine is a recent graduate of the GreenFaith Fellowship Program, which helps “leaders from diverse religious communities become effective religious-environmental leaders through an eighteen-month education and training experience.”  For Robin — “Doc” Robin to the fans of his band, though he’s also happy to be described as a “tree-hugging dirt worshipper” — this was a natural stage on his quest to promote practical eco-theology at the intersection of environmentalism and religion.

Special music will be provided by Robin and Lucy van Tine!

September 29th: “Joining the Move!”

This Fall marks a turning point in our denomination’s history: the Unitarian Universalist Association is moving across Boston to modern headquarters more suitable for our dynamic religion.  With the Fellowship leading the way in denominational efforts from the Tidewater Cluster to the Virginia Legislative Advocacy Network, let’s celebrate our congregational connections and the future of our growing faith!

Special music will be provided by the ChorUUs and UUFP Winds!

And please plan to stay after services for a special viewing of Gini Courter’s inspiring final report as outgoing UUA Moderator from the 2013 General Assembly in Louisville KY.


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Andrew serves as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia.
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