Twelfth Annual UUFP Retreat is coming soon!

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It will be held at Pocahontas State Park on October 25-27. In preparation for this great event, we held our first planning meeting last Sunday, August 11th. It was a brainstorming session to come up with ideas for workshops and activities.

Here are some of the ideas:

Yoga classes- We now have several people in the fellowship who can teach yoga, perhaps we can offer one class in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Socrates Café- This has been a popular event in past years. Considering our world’s current state of affairs, it won’t be hard to find and interesting discussion topic. Maybe one of the legislative justice issues they are working on in our cluster.

Group games- both indoor and outdoor. Our overarching theme is creating multi-generational experiences this year and what better way to get to know people of all ages than with games.

Mike Rosie Violet  Pocahontas State Park Boat Ramp hike_0036Group art project- create a group collage that explores the memories we’ve made at the UUFP.

Spirituality in relationship- a class for adults in nurturing their intimate relationships, finding ways to connect more deeply.

Bridging class- this would be offered to Juniors and Seniors in high school who will soon bridge into young adulthood to help them strengthen their understanding of this important rite of passage.

UUFP Retreat Pocahontas State Park_0014Cake decorating- this is always a sweet success. Decorate several cupcakes to be served at dinner later on.

Beading class- one project we are considering is the UU prayer bead bracelet. You’ve seen the one Andrew wears. Why not make one of your own and begin your own spiritual practice.

Nature Labyrinth- what a wonderful way to commune with nature. First we’ll gather fallen sticks, pine needles, leaves, etc. and create the labyrinth. Then we’ll invite people to enjoy a meditative walk through each twist and turn.

IMG_9911Guided hike- enjoy a walk through the woods and learn exciting facts about science and nature.

Each year many of us take advantage of time on the lake. We will rent several canoes and kayaks for people to use throughout the day on Saturday.

In the evenings we are thinking about offering a hymn sing one night and a talent show the other night. Of course, if any of our amazing professional musicians want to perform (and you know who you are,) let us know!

Campfires with s’mores are a given- you don’t need to vote on this!!


We would love to have your input on what workshops you would like to lead or participate in. There will be a sign up sheet at church for the next few Sundays at the registration table. Or you may email Joanne with ideas.





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