Amazon supports the growth of UUFP!

In 2008, we received $93.12 and this year the Fellowship has already received $332.92 so far!*

Amazon growth copy

Every year more of us remember to use the Fellowship’s Amazon link because it’s easy and fast! And there are 3 great ways to do it!
1. Go to the link on our Flame
2. Go to the link on our website
3. Or click here and book mark the page. (That way, you go directly our Amazon link, bypassing the Fame and the web site!)
*Since January 2008, the Fellowship has received 1,789.67!

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One Response to Amazon supports the growth of UUFP!

  1. Kim Hummel says:

    Thanks for constantly reminding us to use use Amazon via the UUFP. I am guilty of forgetting all too often. One of these days I hope I will get it burned into my brain cells to think first of the UUFP when I get the urge to use Amazon.

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