Looking for some late summer reading??

submitted by Judy Remsberg

Check out the Blue Crab Used Bookstore in York Square on Rt. 17. The owner, Anne Buse, grew up in the fellowship and is continuing to support the UUFP by buying the books that you donated for the Amazon sales, but can’t be listed. She has a huge assortment in all genres, and is willing to help find that special book you have been looking for. So, support her and in turn you are supporting the fellowship.

amazon (2)Our Amazon sales continue to provide the Fellowship with a tidy sum every month. Recent book contributors are Petrina and Ryan LeBlanc, Sarah Davis, the Schillings, Aaron Hansley, Alicia Hofler, Jim Sanderson, the Moseleys, Sheelers, Kings, Gecowets, Josephs, Goodriches, Chambers, Farthings, Shirley Grice, Bob Mosolf. Thanks to all of you for giving me books to list.

For those of you who haven’t participated yet, let me explain: You donate your books no longer needed, but in good condition; I list them on Amazon; people in Minnesota (or Madagascar) buy them, and Amazon sends the Fellowship the proceeds. Good deal, right? It is an easy fundraiser and brings in about $5000 per year! Since 2003 we have made over $48,000 from this project alone!

So, two things to remember:
1. Cull your books and bring them to me.
2. Shop for more books at Blue Crab Books (just before the RR tracks on Rt. 17 in York County)


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