Sunday Services (August 2013)

Services for August 2013 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

August 4th: “How to Listen

The living tradition that is Unitarian Universalism is based on the truth that we are most human when we are in right relationship with one another and with the world around us.  Since we relate to others most often through speech, an important part of being in right relationship is being able to listen — to truly listen — to one another, but that doesn’t just happen all by itself!

August 11th: “How to Make a Difference”

This service will be presented jointly by UUFP Director of Religious Education Joanne Dingus and Tidewater Arts Outreach (TAO) staff members Zoe Hickox and Julie Clark.

Tidewater Arts Outreach: The Instruments to Heal Are in Our Hands

Zoe and Julie will share through words and music TAO’s mission.  Music and arts programs can enrich the soul, stimulate the mind and promote wellness for the presenters and the participants.  The goal of their programs is to uplift the human spirit by bringing live, quality music and arts experiences to people in Hampton Roads who are in homes, hospitals, shelters, facilities and dependent care programs or otherwise are isolated from society.

Joanne has volunteered with TAO for the last few years.  Starting as a music host, then participating in dance programs with Treasures in the Sand, co-facilitating writing workshops and sharing her own art workshops, the times spent as a TAO volunteer have given her a chance to make a difference to others and herself.  As TAO’s motto states, “The Instruments to Heal Are in Our Hands.”

August 18th: “How to Disagree

Tret FureIt’s a given that there will always be someone with whom with disagree about something.  Since our wider culture is doing a thoroughly awful job of showing us how to be in community with different people holding different beliefs and different opinions, we can at least make sure that our congregational life does better.  Let’s help the world rediscover the lost art of civil disagreement!

Special music will be provided by the talented Tret Fure!

August 25th: “How to Comfort”

Perhaps the best gift that one human being can give another in times of difficulty is the knowledge that we are not in this alone.  Even the happiest life has its struggles, but when a friend or loved one is suffering, there are things we can do and ways we can be that offer comfort and spiritual support.  And our covenanted community calls us to care for one another, too.


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