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The following new members were recognized on Sunday, June 30, 2013:

June members

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Brad Garbus was born in Baltimore, MD, and moved to Hampton Roads at the age of 5. In 1996 he graduated from ITT Tech with a degree in Electronics Engineering and Technical Writing, and was hired by Canon where he has worked ever since. Brad lives with Ray, his life-partner of 11 years, in Harbour View in NE Suffolk where Brad serves on the Board of Directors and is Webmaster for the community. Brad enjoys writing and has created an autobiographical website where he tells his life story at He discovered Unitarian Universalism in his research on Thomas Jefferson nearly a decade ago and has considered himself a UU ever since. He is also an INFJ personality type. Please feel free to befriend Brad on Facebook!

Sarah Davis was born and raised in MN, where she eventually graduated from college with a major in French/Secondary Ed. Sarah is a French teacher though not currently working in her field. Currently her focus is being wife to Kirk and mother of Sam (age 7). She has a tendency to meander down the long, winding road less travelled even to get to 7-11! Raised in the church and always seeking involvement in and connection to a fellowship of believers, she found a place at various times with Methodists, Episcopalians, Baptists, Presbyterians, and numerous others. In September of 2012, she walked into the UUFP and FINALLY found herself home.

Georgeanne Sharp is newly retired doing some part time work/self- interest activities. Her career was in sales/marketing for the hospitality industry & convention bureaus working a lot with the military/government. As a military brat, she lived in various parts of the country including the DC/No.VA area before returning to Hampton Roads many years ago. She did a lot of travelling with her jobs, so is enjoying staying put in Tidewater more these days. Personal interests are the environment, metaphysics, art and getting outdoors more. She looks forward to meeting more people the fellowship.

Jesse Robertson was born in Sullivan County NY which is probably best known for the original Woodstock site and the Catskill hotels that launched a huge number of popular comedians. The area is essentially rural but located only 2.5 hours from NYC. He attended a local community college straight out of high school before finishing up my bachelor’s at the State University of New York, University at Albany (Better known as U Albany). I have a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in ITM & Finance. He feels tremendously lucky to have met Brittany Welch while at U Albany. Now more than five years later they should be married by the time you read this. The job market for Brittany was very difficult and when she was offered a position here Jesse followed. My religious background is Presbyterian (USA) but I began moving away from that church after many of the things I had been taught growing up began to conflict with my views. A friend from my junior college was a UU and had planted the seed. In NY the closest fellowship was over an hour away from my home so I never went. When we started looking into becoming part of the community here we were thrilled to find such a vibrant and growing fellowship less than ten minutes away. With the wedding coming up fast we haven’t been able to attend as often as we may have wanted but I hope that we will be more available and active in the near future. Thank you for having me as a member.

“I am Brittany Welch, a seventh grade mathematics teacher at Dozier Middle School here in Newport News. I have B.A. in Mathematics from The State University of New York in Albany and an M.S. in Teaching from The State University of New York in Plattsburgh. I am originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, which is known for its horse race track. While I thoroughly enjoyed living there, and going for long strolls down the main street while shopping, there were no teaching jobs to be found. I had vacationed with relatives who live in Smithfield, so on a whim I submitted two applications to two different school districts here in Virginia and was promptly offered both jobs. A few months later Jesse followed me and we bought our first house together. We are getting married on Saturday June 29th 2013, and I know that I could not be happier anywhere else!”

Darla Wilmot lives in Newport News. She retired from the US Army TRADOC Band at Ft. Eustis, this last September. She served as Principal flute and piccolo player for over 21 years and was stationed at Ft. McPherson, GA, Ft. Rucker, AL, Seoul Korea, Heidelberg, Germany and at Ft. Monroe/Eustis. Prior to joining the Army band, she taught Elementary music in the Texas public school system. She received her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is originally from Ft. Worth Texas. She is married to Don Wilmot, a retired Army trombonist, who is now a performer at Busch Gardens. Darla now plays with the Tidewater Winds Concert Band, Duo Eleganza, (a flute/guitar duo) and a flute/harp duo, and also with the Killarney Irish Trio at Busch Gardens for Christmastown. She teaches flute and beginning piano at Centerstage Academy and in her private studio. Her two grown stepsons live in Atlanta. She also has 3 cats, and loves to read a LOT! She is very excited to become a part of UUFP!

Rayven Holmes moved to the Hampton Roads area with her three boys (Seth, Aiden, and Allen) and her husband Michael in February after four years overseas. They purchased a home in Newport News and are embracing all the ups and downs of first time home ownership while adjusting to being back in America. After being a member of the Church of the Larger Fellowship UU, Rayven is eager to grow, learn, and love in a fellowship that actually has walls. When she’s not teaching Seth and Aiden or crawling after Allen, she enjoys everything from mountain hikes to relaxing in a bubble bath with a good book and a nice glass of wine.

Erick Hagstrom and Selena Carlson-Hagstrom recently moved to Newport News from Virginia Beach (and, prior to that, Northern Virginia). Selena is an interfaith minister, educator, retired master hairstylist, and stay at home mom. Erick is a software developer in the modeling and simulation department at Newport News Shipbuilding. Between them they have nine children, ranging in age from 30 to newborn. Both are passionate about womens’, LGBTQ and alternative lifestyle rights and advocacy. Unitarian Universalism and this fellowship appeal to them because of the family programs, social and environmental concerns, spiritual freedom, and community outreach. They really enjoy Earthrising and Women’s Drumming (on Selena’s part, of course).

Joseph Michael Borovicka* was born May 13 1977 in Conway, South Carolina. He grew up there, often hunting and fishing with his dad, and attended college at West Point in New York State, where he spent free weekends swing dancing in New York City. He graduated in 1999 and went on to live in Germany, Romania, and then South Korea working as an active duty Army officer. He met his wife, Ashley, in South Korea. They married in 2007 and he did his first tour in Iraq soon after. He has two children and is currently living in Virginia, soon to do a tour in Afghanistan.

Ashley Ruth Borovicka* was born Ashley Gilmore in Sonoma, California October 3, 1980. She grew up there, often backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas with her family, and went to college at Mills College in Oakland, CA. She graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies with a focus in photography. She spent some of her college summers working in nature with children at an Environmental Science Camp in Point Reyes, CA. After feeling a strong desire to travel, she moved to South Korea to teach ESL to Korean children. She met her husband, Joseph, while in South Korea. After backpacking in South East Asia for a few months she returned to the US and married Joseph. She has two children and is currently living in Virginia, soon to move to California.

Please take a moment and welcome our newest UUFP family members!

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