Birthdays (August 2013)

Special Happy Birthday wishes go out to Olivia Millard who celebrated her first birthday in July at the UUFP with family and friends. 

Many Happy Returns to our UUFP members and friends who will be celebrating their birthdays in August!

Photo submitted by Andrew Millard

Photo submitted by Andrew Millard

They are:

Gayle Phillips
Jeanie Goldberg
Asher Meyer
Nancy Emery
Rebecca LeBlanc
Tom Hagner
Kim Hummel
Selena Carlson-Hagstrom
Anna Junkins
Dan Luke
Neil Bates
Judy Remsberg
Sandy Burkes-Campbell
Shea McIntyre (Coley)
Allison Black
Sophia Hagstrom
Judy Goering
Bob Mosolf

If you have a birthday that we’ve overlooked, please get in touch with UUFP Membership Chair Bobbie Schilling at

Theodore Parker

Theodore Parker

Theodore Parker (August 24, 1810-May 10, 1860) was a preacher, lecturer, and writer, a public intellectual, and a religious and social reformer. He played a major role in moving Unitarianism away from being a Bible-based faith, and he established a precedent for clerical activism that has inspired generations of liberal religious leaders.


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