“Harry Potter and the Magic of Spiritual Living”

Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt

Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt

submitted by Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt on July 14, 2013

If we lived in Harry Potter’s world we would automatically accept magic. Magic that works with a wand, a spell and a flick of the wrist. Harry and his friends and family all accept their magic, they have an awareness of it. It is awakened in them when they are little and it is tremendously important for them to learn how to use it properly so that they do no harm. Then there are those who cannot use magic, the Muggles. They don’t even see the magic, the mystery or the possibilities of magic that surround them.

Well, we don’t live in Harry’s world, we live here. Where the magic works a little differently… a working definition for magic in our world could be “a special power, influence, or skill employed in order to have a desired good effect”. For us, magic doesn’t just happen, we have to learn it. It is also important for us to learn how to use it properly. In our world the Muggles and the Wizards are intermingled, not separated like in Harry’s world, and the Muggles here are just unaware wizards. Plus, the mundane individual’s lack of awareness and volubility about the non-existence of magic can make it less than easy for us to learn the magic. This is partly because we often believe the mundane view and ignore the magic within us. So how DO we awaken the magic within ourselves, in our world, and teach it to our young? How do we teach each other to be able to hold onto the magic in the face of sometimes strong resistance? How do we develop that “special influence or skill” that creates a “desired good effect in the world”? The answer is simply awareness, choice and practice…

Every hour of every day, we make many choices. We have opportunities to practice discernment… or judgment. If we are in a bad mood our choices could come from that low-energy, negative and judgmental place and vice versa: when we are in a good mood the world is a high-energy, positive and discerning place. The good news is that those two states are within our ability to create within ourselves by our choices!
So let’s begin with awareness and choice. In order to produce the desired state of being we must first develop an awareness of when we are not being the best us we can be, when we are in low-energy states, or “practicing the dark arts”. The more lovingly self-aware we are, the more we can choose to practice kindness and compassion, consciously creating our high-energy states or “practicing white magic”.

In the world of Harry Potter, they direct their magic with their magic wands (Alohamora, unlocks things with wave of a wand & would come in very handy when the house key is at the bottom of the purse!); in our world our whole body is our magic wand. a smile, a word, a hug, Facial expressions and body language… that’s how we convey the magic in our world. The truth is that whatever good this magic does, it’s all in what it means to you. Now, to me the world is full of magic, full of opportunities to watch a smile blossom, to touch a heart, to heal a hurt, or to ease a pain. Stepping outside of ourselves enough to wear the other guys moccasins for a little while can be a very enlightening way to “be”.
So the first step then, is awareness… When you notice you are doing something that you really don’t want to do, you can stop yourself and say to yourself with compassion and understanding, “I see what I’m doing here, what I can do differently?” Not looking for an answer in the immediate moment, just putting that question out to Spirit and into your subconscious mind as a daily practice. Once placed there, it can take root and sprout, creating a living foundation for the magic of spiritual living to grow in your life.
The second step is to practice… practice being lovingly aware of your choices through your feelings, your actions, and your words… And thru that awareness, learning to talk kindly to yourself as you observe your thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs, manifesting all around you. This leads into the practice of “Being” , just being the best you it is possible to be, whatever that may be at any moment. So, I proclaim…“To Be or To Be; there is no question”.

It really is all in the practice; practice develops a habit of ownership, a habit of responsibility for your own existence. Embrace and accept that all of your reactions are yours, there’s no one inside your head but you (even though it feels like there are more in there sometimes). To practice acceptance of your own reactions, your own thoughts, with love, understanding and forgiveness is to make it possible for you to shift them – shift them to ones that better serve you & your purposes. When we accept that we alone are creating our reactions based on old emotions and faulty thoughts which we have stored inside ourselves, we empower ourselves and others through our example, to be better people… to be Wizards of Life.

As you practice awareness, listen carefully to your thoughts, your self-talk. Those thoughts are not like Voldemort, they are not “He who must not be named”. So, pay attention: how often do you call yourself an unkind name… or criticize yourself harshly? Name it and bring awareness to your self-talk, the critical self-talk that everyone practices, and shift how you treat yourself for even a moment. Those moments will string together to create a beautiful new perspective for you…

Low energy, negative self-talk can even seem harmless, even though it is harmful, quite harm-full – like those habitual things that people say, which predict an unhappy outcome to their day or a guaranteed dire consequence for their endeavor. The words used and statements made without thinking must become a part of your awareness because you can’t change something of which you remain unconscious. The more aware you become, the more you are practicing empowering yourself to be a presence of love & light in the world. Our words create our world by expressing and affirming our beliefs. Well then, let’s believe in Magic!

Becoming more lovingly aware of those around you is the third step, the next trick in the magic show. When we are lovingly aware of those around us, as well as supportive and empowering to ourselves & others, we then activate the “special power or influence to create a good effect in the world”, and that’s the real magic!

For example, my practice with my clients is to focus on seeing the beauty in them, to see the light in them and what is good and then I tell them what I see. I can see who they really are and I choose to see their issues as simply layers of extra clothing that they have put on and can learn how to remove. I tell them, “first of all … you’re not broken, we are not here to fix you. We are here to help you be who you really are. “ This is a not-so-random act of kindness that I consciously choose to perform which creates a special kind of magic in the world.

Stories abound regarding how acts of kindness can change or even save a life. Always remember this: you may say something kind and compassionate that may be obvious to you and a complete awakening for another person. You never know how a seemingly effortless, thoughtless or unconscious act or word on your part can have a deep and lasting effect on someone’s heart.

I just remember Wayne Dyer saying in one of his stories, “Surely, the presence of God is in this place…” and I realize that when I do something kind and compassionate, I am being the presence of God in this place. Moreover, whenever any one of us is acting as our Loving Self, Source Energy is there.

That’s the focus and the magic of spiritual living. It is based on being the presence of Goodness and Grace on the planet; being a beacon of Love and Light in the world and seeing the Highest Good in all. You can do that with a smiling look, a random act of kindness or just holding compassion in your heart as you go to the store or about your business. These kinds of things are free of charge. You can do little things like paying attention to the cashier’s name tag and then using their name in a kind compassionate way when you check out – or picking up a piece of trash. Remember that, most of the time, someone who is having an “attitude problem” is probably just having a bad day, or maybe a bad life, and it’s not about you at all. Any time you can practice random acts of kindness, everybody wins.

There are so many ways to be a Light for others. Kindness to a cashier is one, picking up trash is another – you could also smile as much as you can. Even when you’re not looking at anyone or you think no one is watching you, smile. For instance when you’re waiting in line, consciously smile. Someone is going to look at you and see that you’re smiling, and you know what, a smiling face always has an effect emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually on anyone who sees it!

I experienced a random act of kindness – I was going to have lunch downtown with a friend and I didn’t have any change for the meter. I dashed into the restaurant, got a quarter and some change and ran back out to the meter, put in a quarter when I discovered that someone had fed the meter for me, that fast! Well, that just made my day. It’s those kinds of things that are magical.

Where do you get inspiration? Personally, I am inspired by a friend of mine. She has these funky glasses, all different shapes, and a magic wand and she takes them everywhere she goes and blesses people. She also sings all of her hellos… She does it because it makes people laugh, it makes them smile and feel good! That’s magic!

What you focus on expands, and what you focus on is what you will see all around you, and that is what will shape your actions. To me it is that simple; where we put our attention is what will activate our intention and that, in turn, will shape our experience. In the words of Ken Keyes, “A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror”

In my world, “let peace begin with me” is a literal statement. Peace begins with me as I “Be” Peace within myself. Then I can “Be” Peace in the world and show others through my example how to “Be” Peace themselves. So, let your intention be to “Be” the presence of Unconditional Love and Compassion for everyone on the planet. Be that love for yourself first, because Peace truly does begin with you. As you have peace within yourself, you can spread peace throughout the world. Start with something very personal. For example, I started by making peace with and embracing my name, and making it a part of my life’s purpose. Linda Carol means beautiful song of joy and that’s what I want to be in the world. I am no longer Lin or just Linda, I am “Being” Linda Carol. Where can you start? Maybe by thinking to yourself and about yourself, “I am a kind and loving person and I express that in the world”. You can choose to smile at a cashier or the random person in front of you “just because”, no matter if you get a smile back or not. Just do it for the sake of doing it without thought of reward or compensation or a return of any kind.

We are very powerful beings and it behooves us to remember that & know that our loving physical presence is often the presence of God in someone’s life for a moment. Remember, you can be that presence by awakening the beauty of higher spiritual awareness within yourself, consciously, every moment. And spreading that beauty with every move you make, every breath you take… Now that’s magic!

Ultimately, the magic of spiritual living is being able to transform our lives and the lives of others through the practices of Love, Compassion, Understanding, & Forgiveness … as the Dalai Lama says, “When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”

Peace Be With You!!!

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Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt @ UUFP

Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt @ UUFP


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