Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster

Dana Perry (head of the Newport News Department of Emergency Operations) and Tris Junkins, chair of the Adult RE Committee

Dana Perry, right (head of the Newport News Department of Emergency Operations) and Tris Junkins, left (chair of the Adult RE Committee)

Submitted by Tris Junkins

Dana Perry visited the UUFP on Sunday, June 16, 2013 and spoke to the Adult RE class about disaster preparation and community response training.  Ms. Perry is the head of the Newport News Department of Emergency Operations and leads training classes for citizens interested in joining the Community Emergency Response Team of Newport News.

Ms. Perry left packets of useful literature in the Office Building for UUFP members on disaster preparation and CERT Training.

The next round of CERT training will begin in September; all citizens are welcome to participate.

CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety and doing the greatest good for the greatest number. CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency and disaster situations where citizens will be initially on their own and their actions can make a difference. Through training, citizens can manage utilities and put out small fires; treat the three killers by opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for shock; provide basic medical aid; search for and rescue victims safely and organize themselves and spontaneous volunteers to be effective.


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  1. galbiez says:

    I plan to take the basic training. If 6 or 8 from UUFP took it, it would be great and we could provide some help to the community at large during a crisis.

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