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Joanne Dingus  (Director of Religious Education)

Joanne Dingus
(Director of Religious Education)

By Joanne Dingus

As I write this article, I am busily preparing for my trip to General Assembly. This will be my third time experiencing all that the Unitarian Universalist’s annual meeting has to offer. This year it is being held in Louisville, KY. So bright and early tomorrow morning, Rev. Andrew, Allison, Olivia and Sandra Engelhardt and I will pile into a mini-van and head off on the ten plus hour trip.

There are many popular events that happen each year at GA. The banner parade will start things off at the opening ceremony. We will proudly carry our UUFP banner along with hundreds of other congregation’s banners around the meeting hall while people cheer us on. During the days we will choose from numerous workshops to attend. As a delegate, I will represent our congregation in all of the plenary sessions where we will vote on the items of the day. There will be times for worship each morning and evening. I especially look forward to attending the worship services that my daughter Jaimie has helped plan all year as worship leader of the youth caucus. The Service of the Living Tradition will honor all who have served and will serve our Faith. Synergy will be filled with music, inspiring speeches and will have a bridging ceremony for youth. The Ware Lecture is always a high point of the week. This year’s speaker is Eboo Patel speaking on “Sacred Ground”.

General Assembly is a time to connect or reconnect with other UU’s from around the country. I expect to see some of our former ministers and many of my DRE friends there. There will be a camp for younger children and daily programs for youth and young adults. This will be the second year of having “Reflection Groups” where people can meet each day in small groups to discuss how things are going.

I look forward to what I know will be an inspiring and transformative week. Going to General Assembly is a great way to renew one’s commitment to Unitarian Universalism. I am thankful to have this opportunity once again to be part of this great community.

See you in RE!

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