The end of iChurch

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June 2, 2013 9:30 AM

To build Beloved Community, Unitarian Universalism needs a new narrative. By Fredric Muir (Winter 2012).

In it, he states, “Fundamental to our survival is a paradigm shift that goes deep into the history, character, and epistemology of Unitarian Universalism. It goes to the essence of how we understand ourselves and relate to the world at large. First, we are being held back by a pervasive and disruptive commitment to individualism. Second, we cling to a Unitarian Univer­salist exceptionalism that is often insulting to others and undermines our good news. Third, we refuse to acknowledge and treat our allergy to authority and power, though all the symptoms compromise a healthy future. These three organizing and corrupting narratives have shaped the dominant story we tell about Unitarian Universalism.”

His challenge: “We Unitarian Universalists have arrived at a breakthrough moment where we must write a new narrative. We have an urgent need for telling, writing, and living the story of who we will be, who we are becoming. We must speak and live the Unitarian Universalist story we want others to know.”

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  1. Brad Garbus says:

    A lot of our discussion around this topic came back to “HOW” do we define a narrative and the question – Who am I?

    This page might help us define that:

    Was a great RE discussion! Thanks everyone. ~Brad

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