Rally for Choice in Richmond!

(There are a number of upcoming opportunities to discuss matters of reproductive justice at the Fellowship.  This is my report from a rally that took place in January.)

The fortieth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs. Wade was very cold here in Virginia, but it was sunny!  A dedicated crowd braved the freezing temperatures to gather at the Virginia State Capitol in support of reproductive rights, including access to safe and legal abortions, and in opposition to the persistent efforts to chip away at those rights.

Rally for Choice in Richmond

Views of the crowd at the rally.

Rally for Choice in Richmond

Photographs by Andrew Millard.

As UUFP member Lauren Furey put it, “I took a personal day from work and headed to the Capitol in Richmond, Virginia to attend a support rally for the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  Last year our governor, Bob McDonnell, spearheaded the invasive transvaginal ultrasound bill that would require such a procedure before an abortion would be performed.  He got so much flack for that bill that it was altered to ‘allowing’ a woman to opt for a regular jelly belly ultrasound.  As several signs stated at the event ‘I can’t believe I’m still protesting this -expletive-.’”

Photograph by Tret Fure

Photograph by Tret Fure.

We heard from a number of pro-choice speakers, including some current members of the Virginia Legislature, and Unitarian Universalist congregations from northern Virginia to south were well represented at the event.  Tom Hagner and Tret Fure came from the UUFP with Lauren and me, and our cohorts from Williamsburg, Norfolk, Whitestone, Glen Allen and Fairfax identified themselves to us upon seeing the chalice on my stole!

Note: one of the current Congregational Study/Action Issues selected by Unitarian Universalists at the last UUA General Assembly is “Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling”.

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Andrew serves as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia.
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  1. Thank you for representing UUFP at this important rally. I am appreciative of all who attended. This is important work.

    I have vivid memories of pre-Roe years and have had friends and family who had to have illegal and legal abortions. Legal is so much better! One friend was being raped by her exhusband when she was raising two children on her own and nearly died from pushing a catheter into her uterus because she was so desperate.

    I am so glad we at UUFP have you as our minister

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