New Years “Promises”…kept or broken?

New Years “Promises”…kept or broken?

Well, the first weekend of 2012 has arrived, so let me ask you a question:

“How are those New Years Resolutions you made coming along?”

Are you working on them? Making any headway? Have they already been hijacked or been totally tossed aside? Maybe you don’t make any because you don’t “believe” in making them. Or maybe now with some clarity are you just making them now?

Well, let me share a few I made, and so far (like always) the execution is harder that making the initial statement.

For many of us, losing weight is on the list. This has two elements” eating less and exercising more. Now trying to “eat better” and still having Christmas cookies, cakes, candy, pastry, in the house so on kind of gets in the way. For some reason my family (and I bet the this goes for you too…) said “It’s the holidays…”. But at least I can still say I have all that stuff in my house (yet) and I am in no hurry to “knock it all” off. In some ways these things are the only reminder of the holiday that just passed. Now how about that extra walk or trip to the gym? Good news is the weather has been mostly good…bad news is on the few cold days we had so far I bet that kept you in the house! What a problem and I’m guilty of this too.

I promised to meet more people, to “broaden my social horizons”. I started off on January 2 with about fifty of my new found alumni friends watching a bowl game. Fun time, met new folks, my old school lost game. But what’s next? Well, having even some more “people involvement” at UUFP would be good such as the games night (that I totally forgot about). It seems the Peninsula has a gang of associations and groups and places to volunteer, so volunteer and meet some people. And political campaigns are interesting places to mete new people – I always have! And if that doesn’t work, do something else I am trying to do: be a better correspondent to the people you know. Try to e mail or write you friends more and just don’t text or twitter them, actually write them and tell them some detail. Talk to your friends and family more (OK, that “family” may be a big challenge), but don’t stay isolated and loose all you life connections. Let the technology work for you, not isolate you.

And now for something completely different – consider going someplace. OK, some of you have made the big trip back home for the holidays, but why wait until spring to go anywhere? Here is a suggestion: Air tram stops flying out of Newport News in March, so take the $39 flight to New York and see your friends that live in the big city. You can’t drive to New York for $39 each way (the tolls are at least half that much) and it is not tourist season. Another hint: Train fares are lower this time of year too. So as the song goes “…go ahead and roam”.

Now you will note I did not mention job hunting since that is a job all to itself. So are things like better financial management and so on. You get the idea.

So let me ask again: “How are those New Years Resolutions coming along?”

It has been statistically proven that the percentage of resolutions that are broken are pretty high…try calling them “promises”, and promises are to be kept or broken.



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