Reflection of 9-11 is a somber reminder of the fear, unknowing,
and horror. I saw a bumper sticker the other day it said navy seals 1 bin laden
0… I think this is really not true the score is much higher on both sides; I do
wonder how much blood and treasure we must give up before we have revenge. I remember
wanting revenge after 9-11 but I don’t think that is a rational idea. I think
we should strengthen our defenses as much as possible. I think just about all
the 9-11 perpetrators are in jail or dead. The new threats are not related to
9-11 anymore. We as a country should treat them as new threats and stop nation
building and large scale war. How can the USA change the ideology of the
extremist? Do we have to change our ideas about our own extremist first?

i was at Norfolk State University on 9-11 getting my transcript for the application process to become a police officer. the clerk told that planes were hitting buildings, we were under attack and the school was closing. going through the tunnel I saw a bunch of State police cars stopping trucks from entering the tunnels. I went home and was glued to the TV.


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