Who cares about growth?

So much focus at the UUA level and the District level seems to be focused on growth, but I don’t know why.

I understand that more numbers mean more money. Money buys staff and influence but we are a unique, if small, religion. We offer what many faiths don’t: a safe place with a diverse group of members.

Our Fellowship has just about doubled in size in the last ten years. This has allowed us to quadruple our activities outside ourselves. It has given us the ability to double the size of the property we own, too. So many Social Justice activities are going on that it is hard to keep up sometimes.

Growth in and of itself is meaningless. It’s what you do with the growth that’s important.

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One Response to Who cares about growth?

  1. cwinkley333 says:

    It is funny I was just talking about how UUA is concerned about growth and such, I think it true that growth for a reason other than to be able to do good things better is meaningless. I would definitely like UUFP to be more visible in the community,How to do that is the challenge. I think in some ways a person has to seek out what UU is about because it not so mainstream. How to be inviting without proselytizing… Another challenge.

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