Elevator speech moment

So I had an elevator speech moment, I was challenged to tell someone about UU when they said UUs “don’t believe anything”. I was at fist puzzled by this because I am a UU and I believe a lot of things about god and the universe and the nature of reality. I think her point was is that UU don’t have a set in stone theological creed. At UU you are free to find truth and meaning for yourself. UU do agree on the 7 principles. UU may not all agree that Jesus is the “answer” or Buddha or, Vishnu or any other god or idea. UU do believe that you are entitled to have faith in what speaks to you as individual. I personally have never felt comfortable with a one size fits all spirituality. I am not threatened by different ideas, I may not agree but I respect your truth. I wish our culture was more open to different perspective instead of the safe unchallenged status quo. Just because I don’t agree with your ideas of God does not make me wrong or less than you.So the conversation ended, and while I did not say everything I posted here, I feel I informed as best I could. Perhaps just speaking my truth is a start.

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  1. cwinkley333 says:

    For sure, i guess some people dont get it or they dont want to

  2. steve kadar says:

    I usually say being UU means I have both the right and responsibility to determine what is of value to me as I develop my own faith consciousness. The biggest problem I see is most UU’s get the “rights” part to believe in whatever, but tend to not be very “responsbile” in terms of defending why they believe in what they believe in. It’s OK to believe in something, it’s another things to be able to explain or defend “why” or how you got to that conclusion.

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