Putting Memorial Day into action by Steve Kadar

Today is Memorial Day, and on this day I am still reflecting on the outstanding service we had yesterday about this subject. 
I hope that somebody at UUFP takes up the challenge our guest speaker presented on Sunday of starting a support group or some action committee or even a fellowship circle with a specific focus at UUFP to involve those in the armed forces or veterans and those that have served or will be leaving the service.  Now this is on area of life so far out of my personal experience I do not know all the proper terms, but you get the idea.  I do not consider my one week in ROTC 101 as a freshman in college to offer any great enlightenment on this subject.  In fact, if I were in the armed forces, I would be like Curly from The Three Stooges doing the “manual arms” and then throwing the rifle at the drill instructor knocking him out! 
I recognize the need and I know we have folks at UUFP who have the education and life experience that could start this project.  With all the military bases and related military functions in our immediate area, I cannot see how we can faulter if this challenge is taken on.

Steve Kadar


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  1. steve kadar says:

    That attitude is an hold over from the anti-war days of the 1960’s and 1970’s and even later on. And sad to say, in some other parts of the US certain people may still have those feelings.

  2. cwinkley333 says:

    i cant belive that someone back in the day, called her a “baby killer”. That is kind of a skummy thing to do.The message was one that for whatever reason is not in the forefront of many churches let alone UUFP.

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