A Fortress of Solitude

A fortress of solitude, that was my first thought when I heard the excellent message today at UUFP. Superman had a fortress of solitude. In the movie SUPERMAN Clark Kent takes a crystal from his home planet of krypton and poof his fortress of solitude comes out the ground in giant crystal form in the Arctic. In the fortress of solitude, Clark meets his past and learns what his future will be. He is alone, but during this time he learns who he really is .I think every human being is really a fortress of solitude. People can live their whole lives around people. And those people may not really even know them. This brings up a really interesting question: can we really know anyone. For myself it is easy to be around people and not let them in. I guess I’m just built that way. Perhaps a meditation on the meaning of aloneness is in order.


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  1. David Walsh says:

    This is why having a community like UUFP is so important. It’s a major reason why the Stewardship program was created. It’s easy to feel alone in a crowd, but difficult in a one-to-one situation.

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