Fellowship activites

I find myself amazed at all of the activities of the Social Justice Committee. In April, they will have fed the homeless (tonight), held an anti-war demonstration and begun an anti-US Chamber of Commerce drive with the new Young Adults Group.

Green Sanctuary is working with Rev. Millard to center in on the activities needed to begin the application process to become a certified Green Sanctuary through the UU Ministry for the Earth.

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4 Responses to Fellowship activites

  1. steve kadar says:

    If you have never been to a Passover Seder, it is worth your time. See the link provided by Rev. Andrew on this upcoming event.

  2. chrisw says:

    the US Chamber of Commerce issue is a new one that i had not heard about. Sometimes when i watch those alien movies where the aliens come down to use the earth and then leave after destroying everything i feel like the aliens.

  3. steve1960 says:

    Coming up on April 15 is something totally new…The UU Work Transistions Group. Rev. Andrew will help myself and Chiris Woods kick this new group off that we hope will offer a vareity of things to folks at UUFP that are unemployed, underemployed, seeking new career paths/in transisition and more. I have no duobt the need exists within our community, the question is how may people will come out and stay involved.

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