A few ground rules

Lets remember that this is a church blog. Discussions about differing philosophies are OK, but lets not get into how bad another religion is or a Republicans vs Democrats argument.

Our church community is made up of former Catholics and Mormons and just about all the others. It doesn’t mean that we hate those religions, it means that they didn’t give us what we want or need. We have members who are Democrats and Republicans! And, yes, it is possible to be a Republican and be a happy member of a liberal religion!

There is plenty of hate-mongering on blogs and TV. Why would we want to add to more hate?

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2 Responses to A few ground rules

  1. johnsbright says:

    It’s not a church… it’s a fellowship!

    • David Walsh says:

      Both terms are right.
      The term “Fellowship” was coined by UUA in the 1950’s to encourage the growth of the movement by small groups. This was done by a small group here on the Peninsula.
      But we have grown past that model and are a church now.

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